Slot Primary
Type Sniper Rifle
Class Sniper


Blueprint No. 30
Custom Version Wildcat

The G36R is a full auto sniper rifle for the Sniper and the Gunslinger class.


The G36R is so far the only fully automatic sniper in the game. It is more like an assault rifle than a sniper. Fire rate is average, but high for a sniper rifle. It has extended magazine and more ammunition.

It's drawback is accuracy, it's the lowest of all snipers. It's not really a weapon for sniping from far distances trying to get a headshot. It's best used on mid range. It also has low damage, but not lower than the MK14.


G36R is cross of a classic assault rifle and a sniper. It's not recommended for users who are looking for highly accurate, real sniping weapon. If it's used properly, it can do some really good damage on short distances. 

Wildcat is the custom version, with increased chances for critical hits. It is not very improved, but it's stronger than G36R and more effective in combat. It is also good to use the Wildcat and the G36R with Laser Sight, since the Wildcat has higher critical chance, and the laser sight does higher critical damage. And Gunslingers and Snipers already have decent crit chance.


  • G36R is the only full auto sniper in game.
  • There is no such thing as the G36R in reality. While the G36 family exists, the closest to the G36R is the G36 DMR, which itself is not fully automatic.
  • The Sniper Design looks closely identical to the classic sniper rifle from Team Fortress 2

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