Frigate map
Frigate is a map in Strike Force Heroes 3. It is the setting of campaign Mission 2.


Frigate is a medium size map which depicts a boat sailing the sea. It's set during nighttime. Frigate is an unique map because it is the only map in the game which is moving. The map has two sides and both are similar. In the center there is a higher platform. Enemy AI rarely goes up there so that makes it easier for winning points on Domination mode.

Enviromental hazards

There is sea at the both ends in the map, and falling off from the ship instantly kills the player.


  • Frigate is the second playable map and the first map in campaign of Domination and Capture the Flag modes.
  • Mission 6 is played on this map and it unlocks Juggernaut class if played for the first time.
  • It is a re-skin of the SFH map Speeding Train.

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