Fortune's 500
SFH3 Fortune 500
Slot Primary
Type Experimental
Class Elite


Special Effect "Electrocutes enemies"

Fortune's 500 is a custom Experimental Weapon that can be used by Snipers or Elites. It's probably one of the best weapons a Sniper can use, tied (if not better than) Rehab.


Fortune's 500 is the custom version of the Rail Gun. It automatically electrocutes the enemy, while Rail Gun has only chance for that. With it's powerful accuracy and long range, it is the best Experimental weapon and one of the most powerful weapons in game. It is a very popular weapon which is often paired with the Burst Module. Being very popular, it is commonly used by players. The biggest weakness of this weapon is that it has absolutely no spare ammo, no matter if you put Ammo Pack or Extended Mag attachments on it. Best used with Drum Mag attachment.

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