Each soldier in the game has a flaw. Flaws are disadvantages of every enemy and hero you recruit. Flaws are randomly generated and don't depend on the class. Unique heroes flaws are not random.

Depending on what weapons, Attachments, Equipment and Upgrades your hero uses, some flaws may not be detrimental to your survival during battle.

All Flaws

Flaw Image Flaw Description Special users Can be neutralized?
Butterfingers 7% chance weapon jams while reloading. None Yes, using a weapon that never reloads or Drum Mag. Tactical Reload or Tactical Ammo can also partially neutralize Butterfingers.
Cut Short Killstreak duration is 20% shorter. None Yes, by using Long Lasting.
Disliked Killstreaks are earned 20% slower. Dex Yes, by using Charismatic.
Embarrassed Take +25% damage from own attacks. None Yes, by using Pride.
Fair Skin Take +25% damage from fire and poison status effects. None Yes, by using Fire Hat or Burn Resistant.
Fatigued  Get tired 20% quicker after battle. Tower Yes, by resting the hero or by winning a feast at the Slot Machine or using Energized.
Fragile Take +15% damage from Explosives. None Yes, by using Bomb Squad or Blast Mask.
Loud Enemies spot you easier from far distances. CalamityWesleyJyn Yes, by using Optic Camo or Silent.
Modest -15% funds per kill. None Yes, by using Pickpocket or Credit Card.
Nervous Accuracy is reduced by moving and jumping. Evelynn Yes, by using Steady Aim.
New Recruit Take +7% damage from all sources. None Yes, by using Battle Hardened or E.M. Shield
Slow Initiative Take 2 seconds longer to respawn None Yes, by using Quick Initiative or Drop Pod.
Slow Learner -10% experience per kill. None Yes, by using Quick Learner or Novice Badge.
Soft Head Take +15% damage from headshots. Mayday Yes, by using Hard Hat or Hard Headed
Susceptibility More easily affected by status effects. Nathan Yes, by using Resistant.
Squanderer Health/ammo pickups give -30% health/ammo. Fatale Yes, by using Resourceful.
Unhealthy Never regenerates health automatically when low. Sanchez Yes, if compensated by HealthyRepair Bots or Nanomachines.
Unlucky  5% more chance shot you take will be a critical hit. Rusty Yes, by using Lucky

Note that all Flaws can be countered.

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