Fire is a status effect. Flame Thrower is a standard weapon which always affects enemies with fire. Giving a weapon the attachment Phosphorous Rounds will also make the weapon have a chance to affect the enemies with fire.


When a soldier is on fire, he or she glows in orange while burning in flames and rapidly starts losing health. However, it lasts only 6 seconds. However like with other status effects, you can easily accidentaly commit suicide if you fire below yourself, too close to the ground where you are standing or too close to the enemy you're shooting. But if you don't use Elementals with fire effect, it's less likely you will die so easy.


Below weapons which have chance for affecting enemies with fire, it's written "Chance to ignite enemies", below weapons which affect enemies with fire it's written "Ignites enemies".


The killstreak Death Ray used by Elites ignites all the enemies when activated. Flame Armor used by Juggernaut gives the hero a shield and ignites everybody coming close to it.


  • Fire is the most frequent elemental ability found on weapons. 9 weapons have chance, or always ignite enemies.

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