Slot Primary
Type Dual
Class Gunslinger


Blueprint No. 25
Custom Version Ballers
The FMG9 is a Dual fully automatic weapon.


FMG9s have the longest range than any other dual. They are actually two SMGs, with more effect of Pistols. They fire full-auto like the Uzi, but have slower fire rate. Their accuracy is much better and more similar to any pistol than SMG.

Impact is low, smilar to BM9. However, faster fire rate, improved accuracy and longest range makes FMG9 more effective than most of duals in combat. Their custom version Ballers have increased damage.


Best used on mid to long range, because slow RoF can cause problems. This is possibly one of the best duals if you want to score headshots and hunt someone trying to run away from you. Ballers is even better.  But they can be used for all types of combat. If you like BM9, and think they are too weak, switch to FMG9.


  • FMG9 was a secondary weapon in SFH 2. It had weaker accuracy and much shorter range.
  • FMG9's size is abnormally high compared to it's version from SFH 2 and real life.

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