Explosives are a type of weapon. They can be used by Engineers and Mercenaries.


Explosive weapons usually deliver high damage with explosions. There are two types of Explosives: rocket launchers and grenade launchers. Rocket launchers launch projectiles which do very high damage to enemies. They have low rate of fire except Bennett's Doom which has very high projectile speed. Rocket launchers are best on long range, because on short range they cause explosions too close to the hero which can be very dangerous and suicidal.

Grenade launchers fire grenades which bounce, like the MK32, or stick to objects, like the GL06.

Caution: Explosive weapons can easily harm you and your squadmates if you use them incorrectly. Avoid close combat, don't shoot blind if you don't know where your squadmates are moving. Also, be aware of enemy Juggernauts as they can deflect the projectiles back, which is enough to vanquish you or your squadmates instantly.


Standard weapons

Custom weapons


  • Explosives and Elemental Weapons are the only weapon types that you can harm your squadmates with.
  • Explosives are only weapon type that cannot be used by female characters.