Equipment is a new feature in Strike Force Heroes 3, which gives heroes additional abilities attached to their armor. They are also known as Armor Mods in Slot Machine.


Equipment items replace armor from SFH 2. There are 3 types of Equipment items: Offensive, Defensive and Utility. Offensive items give advantage to hero's combat skills and usually increase damage dealt to enemies. They are similar to Attachments, except they have no effect on weapons. Defensive items make the armor stronger, and usually lower damage hero takes from certain sources. Utility items give more experience and funds or improve killstreaks.

Equipment can be bought in Store or won by the Slot Machine. In the normal store, it appears randomly and the player has ability to buy multiple items from one sort. Buying equipment can automatically sell weapons in shop in lower slots, so be careful while purchasing them.

In the Slot Machine, Equipment win is called Armor Mod. In the machine you can get Equipment items in two forms: normal form (that can also be bought in store) and upgrade. Every equipment item in game has upgrade form, which is actually same as upgrade you unlock by leveling up all heroes. Upgrades have different names than Equipment.






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