Elemental weapons are a type of primary weapon. They can be used by the Juggernaut (as default) and Elite classes.


Elemental weapons are unique because they don't fire bullets, rockets, rays or grenades like as other weapon types. Instead, they spray hazardous clouds which affect soldiers with status effects. There are 4 status effects: fire, ice, poison and electricity. Elementals are the only weapons in-game that affect soldiers with status effects automatically, others only have chance to inflict an effect or don't have that ability at all (unless you equip them with elemental Rounds). Like shotguns, Elemental weapons have a very short range of fire, but their great advantage is lot of ammo and no reloads. Custom versions of Elementals all have reduced ammo consumption.

When using Elementals, beware of enemy Snipers as most of their weapons can quickly eliminate you before you can reach them. Crouch under barriers to make them unable to shoot at you. Charge at those enemies when you see them distracted to fight them back.

Like Explosive Weapons, Elementals can easily hurt you if you don't use them properly. Don't fire below yourself or while standing too close to the enemy you're aiming at, as status effects can affect you and your teammates too and they are deadly. If you can't control Elementals, use Shotguns for Juggernauts and Experimental Weapons for Elites instead.

Elemental weapon Tesla is the default weapon for Juggernauts.Tesla is a short range weapon that has a status effect that lasts about 5 seconds but is not very powerful against enemies.


Custom Elementals