Dragon's Breath
Slot Primary
Type Explosive
Class Mercenary


Special Effect "Chance to ignite enemies, Body pop"

Dragon's Breath is a golden Explosive Weapon. It is the custom version of SMAWG rocket launcher.


Dragon's Breath has the additional quality of setting enemies on fire, damaging them over time if the initial blast was not fatal.

Like the SMAWG, it doesn't have homing but at least has decent accuracy.

When an enemy dies from Dragon's Breath's explosion, their body parts will be blown up and scattered around (Body Pop).


Secondary SMG for close range combat, or have a Blade that can kill the enemy quickly (Hattori Hanzo and Big Willy are the best choices). Best attachments are Drum Mag and Shrapnel.

Equip poison rounds for extra damage if the blast isn't really effective.


  • Dragon's Breath refers to burning shells, not an actual dragon. 
  • The normal version of this launcher (SMAWG) may be a reference to Smaug from the Hobbit. This is supported by the name of this weapon.