Slot Primary
Type Shotgun
Class Juggernaut


Special Effect "+30% increased range"

The Defriender is a custom Shotgun in SFH3.


The Defriender is the custom version of the R870 shotgun. Like the R870, the Defriender has good damage for a shotgun, and average RoF and accuracy. Magazine size is 8 rounds. Being a custom weapon, the Defriender has a 30% increased range. R870 is already the standard shotgun with the longest range, which makes Defriender the shotgun with longest range in game. It is also the longest range weapon used by Juggernaut. But with bad accuracy, it loses effectiveness.


Being a shotgun, range isn't super important, but the Defriender can be used for close-to-mid range combat. 8 rounds gives you plenty of chances to kill them before they kill you.


Defriender is used by Mike (enemy clone) in the final mission along with Hattori Hanzo secondary weapon. If you fight in the mission by sniping from higher platforms, Mike's Defriender won't make much problems to you with it's bad accuracy. However, with high impact and maximum damage up close, you will die many times in close combat so avoid close combat in that mission.


  • The Defriender was the starter shotgun in SFH.

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