Defensive Upgrades are one of 3 Upgrade types.


Defensive Upgrades are upgrades that decrease stats like damage taken and increase stats like healing. They are usable by the Engineer, Juggernaut, Ninja, Medic, Mercenary, and Elite classes. The unique heroes Wesley, Nathan, Tower, Dex, Fatale, Mayday, and Evelynn can also use these upgrades.

Like other two upgrade types, defensive upgrades have their Equipment form that can be added to the armor. All defensive upgrades that have their equipment form can also be won on the Slot Machine in their upgrade form.

List of Upgrades

Upgrade name Upgrade effect Equipment version
Adrenaline Fatal attacks will reduce you to 1 health instead. Life Support
Battle Hardened Take -7% damage from all sources. E.M. Shield
Bomb Squad Take -15% from explosives. Blast Mask
Burn Resistant Take -25% damage from fire/poison. Fire Hat
Hard Headed Take -15% damage from headshots. Hard Hat
Healthy Always slightly healing over time. None
Iron Will

Take up to -20% damage based on how low your life is.

Lucky 5% chance you will not take any damage. None
Pride Take -40% damage from you own attacks. None
Repair Bots When injured, heal 3x faster. Nanomachines
Resistant Higher resistance to status effects. None

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