Cut Short
is a flaw.

The effect is 20% shorter duration of Killstreaks. This can be fixed with Long Lasting utility upgrade. However, the duration will be only 10% longer because that upgrade extends it for 30%.

Ninjas with Deadly Shurikens and Mercenaries with Betsy are unaffected with this flaw, because those two killstreaks are actually weapons, without duration (but with limited and low ammo).

This flaw is very dangerous when a Medic has this flaw and has the Rapid Regen killstreak, because then the whole squad wouldn't be able to heal for long before the killstreak wears off. However, medics with Kevlar Vests are unaffected too as this killstreak wears off immediately when the whole squad is equipped with full armor.


  • Cut Short is one of two flaws that affect soldier's killstreak, other being Disliked.

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