Cut content in Strike Force Heroes 3 consists mainly of character skins that are impossible to unlock through the normal hero recruitment system. The cut content is part of the official game's code, however, it is unavailable unless it is modified with other programs.


Many character skins for both regular and unique heroes have been designed but never used. These can be faces, helmets, accessories and body designs. 

Bayonetta skin

An unique hero who references character Bayonetta from Bayonetta series was planned. It is most likely an unused version of the unique hero of a female class, possibly Elite due to its unusual design. The skin model has black hair and a high, pointy hat. She also has unique face design with glasses. There are two versions of this character: both versions have the same head, but different bodies. The first one has various unique body designs and normal boots. The second one has a black suit with yellow lines (which resembles the original Bayonetta) and guns on the boots. This could mean that the character was designed for the Gunslinger class.

This skin is the most detailed one from the unused content.

Knight class

Although Rusty is currently the only one from the unique Knight class, some designs found in the game indicate that the whole Knight class was planned. Some unique head and arm designs from the unused skins are attached to the knight armor. One of them references female character Faith from Mirror's Edge and the other one references Meryl from Metal Gear Solid. An unique grey helmet with orange eyes appears on one of these Knights, probably a helmet of a Haven Trooper, an enemy from Metal Gear Solid 4:Guns Of The Patriots's . This design can also resembles GlobeX soldiers from earlier SFH games, especially juggernauts.


Facial design with plain black sunglasses was planned as a head for Engineers, and possibly Snipers. This head is altered design of Wesley's head (which is unique to him). Instead of plain shades, Wesley has spec-ops googles with blue dots. There is also an unfinished helmet design with red visor, another possible reference to GlobeX.