Crazy Badger
Slot Primary
Type Rifle
Class Engineer


Special Effect "Bullets are split into 3"
Crazy Badger is the custom version of Honey Badger Rifle.


The Crazy Badger is the Custom version of the regular Honey Badger. It has a magazine capacity of 30, and a total magazine capacity of 90 (3 total magazines). Also, its one bullet is turned into three bullets, meaning that one magazine gives out 90 total bullets which can deal an insane amount of damage paired with its quick rate of fire.


The Crazy Badger is so powerful that even a low level player can win a 1v5 Team Deathmatch on Insane mode (if player chooses only one hero). The Crazy Badger can easily wipe out a whole team rushing towards you due to the fact that three bullets are fired at the same time instead of one, and that its impact per one bullet is fairly high for a rifle.

However, because it has a low magazine clip and such a high fire rate, it is recommended to gather ammo frequently and reload whenever you aren't getting shot at since it uses a whole mag in just a few seconds. Also, using a weapon mod attachment is recommended for the Crazy Badger. If paired with Drum Mag and Scavenger, this weapon is extremely powerful.

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