Construction is a map in Strike Force Heroes 3, and one of few maps set in city area.


Construction is heavily modified re-skin of SFH 2 map Base. Setting is a higher floor in construction site in a city. Both ends of map aren't blocked so falling off them will result in instant death. Construction is a large map, with special area in lower part of the map, split from the upper part. There are two parts to get inside that area: on left end of the map there is an open entrance, on the right part you need to crouch to get under. 

There are two places which can lift you up higher than usual if you jump on them: one is in the middle (way to get to higher platforms) and on the right part of the map. Both are actually air vents with smoke coming out, causing extra jumps. On the right part there is also a crane with health pickup on it. Don't try to get to it by jumping on the air vent lower, because you can't.


When crouching under metal platform, don't fire explosive weapons, especially rocket launchers. 


  • Re-skin of Base map from SFH 2, which depicted Strike Force base, also featured in SFH 3 cutscenes. This time, it's more dangerous with height environmental hazards added on both sides, similar to Frigate ship.

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