Classes are types of soldiers that are present in each Strike Force Heroes game. They have their specialities and unique abilities. In Strike Force Heroes 3, there are 8 soldier classes. Each class can use two primary and two secondary weapons, with exception of Engineer and Elite who use all types of secondary weapons. Each class has it's gender (Justin is the only male character who is from a female class). Unlike in earlier SFH games, there is only one class unlocked in the beginning (Engineer), and the player needs to complete missions to unlock new. 

List of classes

There are 8 classes in Strike Force Heroes 3, and 1 irregular class added in later versions (Knight).

Engineer (Male)

Balanced classes that build turrets with their killstreaks.

Gunslinger (Female)

Offensive support class. They boost their squadmates' firepower/crit-chance with their killstreaks. 

Medic (Female)

Defensive support class. They heal their squadmates and give them armor through killstreaks, but they can do a lot of damage themselves (similar to Gunslingers), because they can use Rifles.

Juggernaut (Male)

Heavy defensive class. They have the highest health and they can take the most damage. They excel in tanking and their killstreaks are half offensive and half defensive,

Mercenary (Male)

Heavy offensive class. Although their weapons have similar firepower to Engineer's, their traits and killstreaks are used only to deal massive damage.

Elite (Female)

Offensive support class that burns or freezes enemies with their killstreaks.

Ninja (Female)

Offensive support class. They are fast and excel at assassinating single targets.

Sniper (Male)

Offensive class. They can deal huge damage at far range.

Knight (Male)

Can only wield melee weapons, but their first and probably only character, Rusty, has Traits instead of Upgrades. He also uses a killstreak from the Juggernaut class. Can be unlocked by clicking the "New Knight Hero!" text in the missions menu beside the "A Knight's Quest" ad

Screenshot 7

How to unlock the Knight class

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