Main Heroes

Wesley: He is the principal character and you start with him. Wesley is an Engineer with blue hair. Unlike the other heroes (except Tower and Juggernauts with astronaut helmet), Wesley is the only one wearing special glasses without showing his eyes.

Sanchez: She is the first hero to be recruited after you beat the first level. Sanchez is a Gunslinger with brown hair.

There are more people to recruit, it's only that those characters are non-unique.

There are characters that are Unique Heroes. Basically those heroes come from Strike Force Heroes 2 and Strike Force Heroes Extraction

Female Heroes

The Female Heroes (except for Evelynn) first appeared on Strike Force Heroes Extraction

Mayday is a Medic from Sudan that joined the heroes for revenge after GlobeX killed her husband Jenkins. She can be recruited if you beat Doctors Of Doom on Insane.

Calamity is a Gunslinger from South Africa and is recruited if you beat Reverse Perfection on Insane

Evelynn is a Ninja. She wasn't from the past Strike Force Heroes games. Evelynn is a new character to the Strike Force Heroes team and Evelynn is recruited after you beat Ninja Nights on Insane

Fatale is an Elite from Egypt and is recruited if you beat Elemental Fury on Insane

Male Heroes

The Male Heroes first appeared on Strike Force Heroes 2

Nathan is an Engineer from Canada and is recruited if you beat Going Streaking on Insane

Dex is a Mercenary from United States. He was the one who killed West in Strike Force Heroes 2 and joined GlobeX all for money! However, the GlobeX Leader stomped Dex and cloned him. Fortunately Dex is back on the heroes side. Dex is recruited if you beat Rocket Race 4.0 on Insane

Jyn is a Sniper from Korea. He is a pro gamer and his gamertag is SnipaXKilla. Jyn is recruited if you beat Watch Your Back on Insane

Tower is a Juggernaut. He is also unknown. He is recruited if you beat The Hitman on Insane

Rusty is a Knight. He's from A Knight's Quest. To recruit Rusty, you must play version 20.8 of Strike Force Heroes 3. If its the first time playing, you will have to beat level 3 once your starting the game (unless you already did). Then below will be an advertisement about A Knight's Quest, next to it will say New Knight Hero, click on it and it will say Unique Hero: Knight. Press OK and recruit the new hero and it should give you Rusty.

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