Main Heroes

These are the heroes that are unique, typically encountered in early levels.


Main Article: Wesley

He is the principal character and you start with him. Wesley is an Engineer with blue hair. Unlike the other heroes (except Tower and Juggernauts with astronaut helmet), Wesley is the only one wearing special glasses without showing his eyes.


Main Article: Sanchez

A Gunslinger, Sanchez is the first hero to be recruited after you beat the first level. Unlike other Gunslingers (despite her generic look), she does have unique perks due to defensive upgrades.

Unique Heroes

Unique Heroes are the heroes that are recruitable after beating a certain level. With the exception of Evelynn, these heroes come from Strike Force Heroes 2 and Strike Force Heroes Extraction.


Main Article: Mayday

A Medic from Sudan, Mayday joined the heroes to seek vengeance for her dead husband against GlobeX. She can be recruited if you beat Doctors Of Doom on Insane.


Main Article: Calamity

An excellent Sniper, she is a Gunslinger from South Africa and is recruited if you beat Reverse Perfection on Insane.


Main Article: Evelynn

A ninja from the shadows, Evelynn is a new character to Strike Force Heroes series. She is recruited after you beat Ninja Nights on Insane.


Main Article: Fatale

Despite her very old age, she is still able to fight as she joined Strike Force Heroes once you beat Elemental Fury on Insane difficulty.


Main Article: Nathan

An engineer from Canada, and a known Veteran, he is an Engineer from Canada and is recruited if you beat Going Streaking on Insane difficulty.


Main Article: Dex

A mercenary from United States, and a known Veteran, Dex killed West before SFH3 and joined GlobeX just because of money. Though Dex survived from being stomped by the GlobeX Leader, he was cloned, but he is recruited back on Heroes after you beat Rocket Race 4.0 on Insane difficulty.


Main Article: Jyn

A Korean pro-gamer under gamertag of SnipaXKilla, he is a known Veteran and is willing to seek every adventure wherever his squad goes. He is recruited once you beat Watch Your Back on Insane difficulty.


Main Article: Tower

A Juggernaut with no known identity, even his real name, his height and his sturdiness (as a known Veteran) in missions, he was named Tower alone. He is recruited if you beat The Hitman on Insane


Main Article: Rusty

A knight from A Knight's Quest, Rusty loves adventure and is willing to take risks despite not having a gun himself.

To recruit Rusty, you must play version 20.8 of Strike Force Heroes 3. If its the first time playing, you will have to beat level 3 once your starting the game (unless you already did). Then below will be an advertisement about A Knight's Quest, next to it will say New Knight Hero, click on it and it will say Unique Hero: Knight. Press OK and recruit the new hero and it should give you Rusty.

Generic Heroes

These are the heroes the Strike Force Heroes can recruit after they recruit Sanchez. The SFH are currently stricted to the classes they currently have, which the classes are unlocked in further missions.

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