Caves is a jungle map. It is first seen at mission 10 in campaign.


It is set in a deep jungle enviroment. Most of the platforms are covered in dark green grass, while few bridges are almos identical as those in the Forest map. It is set during the daylight which can be told according to sun rays coming in from the top. Caves has 3 main levels: the top level, split in three parts; the middle, split into 4 parts, and the bottom, which contains a fountain in the middle that propels you up to the middle level. In the lowest part of the map, there is a light lake, where you can duck and be completely underwater.

Enviromental hazards


Enviromental effects

In the lowest part of the map, in the center, there is a water fountain. It always pushes spray of water up. If you stay on it, the spray will stop. If you jump while standing on it, you will jump extremely high, high enough to reach the two upper platforms. The water also moves but has no effect.


The fountain can be used to quickly escape your enemies when they try to catch you. 


  • Caves is a reskin of the SFH map Caverns.
  • Mostly all maps that are re-skins from earlier games have totally new enviroment and elements, sometimes there are also effects added in. However, this map looks very similar to the old Caverns: They have almost identical names, push up fountain, wooden bridges in the same place and they are both set in jungle. So it is possible the developers thought this would be the same location.

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