• Character can permanently lose the ability to jump (solution:quit mission)
  • Character can permanently lose the ability to move (solution: quit mission).
  • If a character pauses while reloading, the reload will continue while paused. The clip will also be invisible until the gun is switched or reloaded again if the pause occurs when the clip is not in the gun. This is also bug in other SFH games too.
  • Respawn timer can restart while counting, or not start at all. It usually fixes itself after a long period (ca.10 seconds - or just quit and retry).
  • If your Ninja or Mercenary ally activates the deadly shurikens or Betsy killstreak, when the AI runs out of shuriken/ammunition instead of coming back to their primary weapon they will get stuck with no shuriken so they can't kill enemies. (if they don't get killed, you can betray them and fire rockets/grenades/elemental effect at them to kill them, it's the only way out)
  • Sometimes character can suddenly die on stairs in volcano map.
  • Medics with the Trait 'Loving Spirit' actually make the ally respawn times even longer rather than making it 3x shorter
  • When you have a custom weapon and die, your weapon color turns from gold to the normal weapon color.
  • In Fiesta mod, you will spawn with your normal weapons.  In other words, Fiesta does not work at all.
  • When you activate "I'm the Juggernaut" killstreak and swing your katana, the transparent sphere will not work.
  • Sometimes when an Elite activates Satellite Beam killstreak, a character will stay frozen, even if ice disappears, and will not react to anything, even if the freezing effect goes away. This usually gets fixed after a long period (ca. 30 seconds-or just start a new game).

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