Boomstick 2.0
Slot Primary
Type Shotgun
Class Juggernaut


Special Effect "+20% critical chance"

The Boomstick 2.0 is a custom Shotgun in SFH3.


The Boomstick 2.0 is the custom version of the DB12 shotgun. It is a burst fire weapon, firing two shots per mouse click. Although damage per shot is mediocre for a shotgun, two shots can kill almost any enemy. 4 shots (2 bursts) isn't a lot of ammo, so reload often. Being a custom weapon, the Boomstick 2.0 has a 20% increase of a critical hit.


Use the Boomstick 2.0 up close. At point blank range, no one stands a chance against this lethal weapon (the only shotgun that beats the Boomstick 2.0 is the Defriender, which has high range and outstanding damage).

It is an excellent choice for both Juggernaut and Ninja. Don't forget to bring long range and accurate secondary weapon if possible.


  • Name "Boomstick" is a reference to Evil Dead, where a shotgun rifle was nicknamed boomstick. That same name is used as shotgun name in many other video games.

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