Slot Primary
Type Dual
Class Gunslinger


Blueprint No. None (Default weapon)
Custom Version Tequilas

The BM9s are Dual weapons wielded by Gunslingers and Ninjas.


]The BM9s are dual pistols and the first Dual available in the game. They are medicore starter weapon. It is semi-auto, but the fire rate is quite impressive, and the accuracy is decent.

The major weakness of BM9 is terrible damage. It has the weakest impact of all semi-auto duals. Nothing can make up for it. Attacking a high health enemy with BM9 never ends well, if they use Rapid Regen they are almost resistant to low damage weapons like this.

However it has a lot of ammo, and reloads are average speed, so BM9 is not a total failure. It is just a starter weapon which is weaker than others.


These duals works best with AI, as they use it as if it's on Full-Auto.

While BM9 has it's strengths, it's a starter weapon and should be replaced after some time. Gunslingers are much powerful with Judge. Ninjas shouldn't use it in first place.

Like with any semi-auto weapon, best attachment to put on BM9 is Auto Trigger because it increases fire rate in most cases. It can be replaced by the FMG9.


  • It is based on Berretta M9 pistol.