Armor is a statistic which protects the player from enemy attacks. It is gained through Armor Pick-ups or certain Killstreaks that involve it as side effect.


Armor bar can be viewed near the health bar in gameplay. Each hero starts the battle without armor (0). When certain amount of armor is equipped, the bar will be filled, and the player will glow in light grey. Above each player, there is a health bar. If he/she has armor equipped, the bar will have a white continuitation.

When the armor is active, it protects user's health bar entirely. Damage taken will take away armor points, but not health. However, armor has less resistance to enemy attacks than soldier's health. Unlike health, it can't regenerate when it's low.

Once the armor bar reaches 0 (completely destroyed by the opponent), next attacks will take away soldier's health.

Armor Pick-ups

Most of maps include armor pick-ups, which fill soldier's armor bar. They can be activated by walking through their sign. Like other pick-ups, all teams and soldiers in the battle can pick them up. After a soldier does that, the pick up disappears. It re-appears after longer period of time.


Soldiers' abilities that involve armor are used by defensive classes: Juggernaut and Medic.

"I'm The Juggernaut" - One of two Juggernaut's killstreaks. It gives the user a shield which deflects bullets, and also fills the armor bar to the max.

Flame Armor - Juggernaut's second killstreak. It gives the full set of armor like the other one, but special effect is that it ignites everyone near.

Kevlar Vests - Medic's killstreak. It gives everyone in her squad full set of armor.

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