The AWP is a gold custom Sniper Rifle in SFH3.


The AWP is the custom version of the L115 Sniper Rifle. The AWP has very high damage as well as high accuracy, making it a good long range killer. It has two large downsides, however, it has low fire rate even for a sniper rifle (only 4 at most), and its ammo is also low, which means that trying to get a kill would be risky, especially against a lvl 30 enemy Juggernaut.

It has +50% headshot damage. Shot in the head almost always means an instant kill, unless the enemy's level is way higher than yours. However, it has very low ammo and a super low fire rate (even for a sniper rifle), so you only have like at least 3 chances to hit the head (very low chances when against another lvl 30) and only the head. Hit anywhere other than the head, and death could be seconds away.


Use the AWP for long range combat. One or two shots can take down an enemy, depending on their health. Make sure to grab ammo often, as 9 rounds doesn't get very far. Also, after killing an enemy, make sure to reload. With Extreme Focus, it can practically kill any enemy (if it is a headshot).


  • The AWP was also featured in SFH as the last sniper rifle unlocked.
  • The L118A in SFH2 is part of the same weapon family made by Accuracy International.
  • Technically it should be the AWM, as the L115 is known as the AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum),using .338 lapua magnum ammo,and AWP(Artic Warfare Police) is L96&L96a1 , using 7,62x51mm NATO (.308 winchester) ammo

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